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Project Background

This is an initiative between VKF and Vivaldis Health & Foods Private Ltd to support stray animals. Awaaz -Voice of Stray Animals is the implementation partner for this project

VKF x Vivaldis Animal Shelter, Boisar

Awaaz will construct a permanent animal shelter in Boisar for handicapped and paralysed animals


The center will have admission capacity of 25 Dogs (blind /paralyzed / handicapped) and 50 cats


A total of 20,000 sq.ft will be used for constructing the shelter

VKF x Vivaldis Trauma and Rehab Center

Awaaz will set up a 3500 sq.ft temporary rehab and trauma center in Malad, Mumbai that will be used to treat and foster injured/ wounded animals (dogs & cats)

In House Vet

The center will have in-house veterinary doctor which will assist in treatment of animals admitted in the center.


The center will have admission capacity of 10 dogs and 15 cats.


All the animals brought in the center will be kept temporarily and will be released backed to their respective area after recovery.


Two operational ambulances working in rescue efforts of stray animals.

VKF is proud to support this initiative with Vivaldis Animal Health in association with Awaaz


Awaaz is a Mumbai based NGO, working for the welfare of stray animals, involved in rescue, treatment, vaccination and awareness.  Find out more about them on https://www.awaazvosa.org/


Vivaldis is a leading animal healthcare company born out of the vision of professionals who are passionate about animal and human healthcare. The company plays an active role in the care, cure and management of animal health by introducing innovative and path breaking treatment options. Find out more about them on https://www.vivaldis.co.in/